Why Dr. William Brown Does Sports Hernia Recovery Best

Sports hernia injuries tend to heal very slowly if at all.

drbrown_imgA sports hernia injury is complex, requires specialized surgical repair and expertise in the recovery plan. Sports hernias occur when there is a tear in the abdominal or groin muscles area. Often, this results in chronic pain and rarely a visible or palpable bulge.  The pain is often in the inguinal region or groin.  Rest often helps; but the pain tends returns quickly with activity.  Athletes often ignore the injury because when they are not active there is minimal pain and they are used to dealing with some pain during activity.  Eventually the athlete seeks advice. Unfortunately, getting a correct diagnosis can be a painful process all on its own. Athletes can bounce between multiple physicians before seeing an experienced specialist like Dr. Brown, delaying their recovery for weeks and even months.

Once a sports hernia is accurately diagnosed, the path to get back to activity begins. Rest and physical therapy are often the first options, but many patients choose surgery. Recovering from surgery can be a six- to eight-week process, but in most cases, following a strict recovery plan allows athletes to return more quickly to their normal training routine.

Dr. Brown has spent years treating athletes with sports hernias. His expertise allows you to consider many alternative routes to recovery and personalize a plan for you. In addition, Dr. Brown’s office works with every athlete to address any concerns that may come up to ensure a safe and speedy recovery.

The key to successfully recovering from a sports hernia injury is perseverance. Although after searching for weeks, a diagnosis can seem like the answer, it’s only the beginning. With some physicians, treatment begins and ends with surgery. On the other hand, Dr. Brown works with patients throughout the entire recovery process to ensure that they return to full strength.

With an experienced sports hernia specialist like Dr. Brown, you can get back to the sport you love, more aware and balanced than before.