Dr. William Brown, Sports Hernia Specialist

I was born in St Louis, Missouri, but grew up in California. I returned to St. Louis and completed by surgical training at St. Louis University. St. Louis University Hospitals is an excellent program and served as a strong basis for my work in private practice. My wife is from California, so I moved back to the San Francisco Bay Area after training.

California is a beautiful place to live and raise a family. My oldest son is a Firefighter/Medic with the Livermore and Pleasanton Fire Department. He and his wife have two sons, and I am now a doting grandfather. Be sure to ask me to show you pictures. My daughter loves working as a nurse at Stanford University Hospital and will soon be running the place. My second son and his wife have an exceptional son. He has worked hard and has recently earned a promotion at Stanford Hospital. My daughter-in-law mentors teachers just starting their careers.

My interest in hernias began during surgical training. My professors taught me that hernia repair was simple to understand (close the hole) but challenging to do right. The anatomy of the area is complex. The tissues have to be handled gently. The sutures have to be placed just right and cannot be tied too tightly. And every hernia is different. My professors encouraged me to carry their work even farther. It is a pleasure and an honor to help my patients.


  • St. Louis University Medical School, Class of 1980
  • St. Louis University Hospitals, Residency General Surgery,
  • Class of 1985 Vallee Willman MD Chairman
  • St. Louis University Hospitals, General Vascular Surgery,
  • Class of 1986 Gary Peterson MD Chairman


  • Board Certified in Surgery, 2026


  • Surgeon for the San Jose Sharks and San Jose Earthquakes
  • Surgeon for the Univerisity of California D1 Teams
  • Surgeon for Stanford University D1 Teams

Learn more about Dr. Brown’s approach to the treatment of sports hernias or contact Dr. Brown for additional information.

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