Pre-Operative Consultation

Once you have scheduled an appointment with Dr. Brown, it is imperative that you provide as much information as possible about your condition in order to facilitate the proper diagnosis and appropriate care.  This includes:

  • Complete and return the Patient Registration Form [download here]
  • Send copies of any recent MRI, CT, X-Rays or Ultrasounds reports and images
  • Send copies of any Operative Reports
  • Send a picture of yourself with a mark identifying the site(s) of pain
  • Provide a photo (front and back) of your Insurance Card

Once you have compiled all of the above documents, please send to:

Dr. William Brown, MD
39470 Paseo Padre Pkwy
Fremont, CA 94538

Or Email to:

Or Fax:
(510) 793-1320

If you have any questions, please contact our office at (510) 793-2404.

Learn more about Dr. Brown’s approach to the treatment, Contact Dr. Brown.

William Brown, MD
Hernia Specialist

Dr. Brown has been repairing inguinal hernias for over 30 years, taking care of Athletes with Sports Hernia injuries since 1999.  Dr. Brown has been taking care of patients with complications from mesh for so long that his hair is gray. Luckily he still has some hair.

His patients include players from the San Jose Sharks and the San Jose Earthquakes as well as athletes from the NFL, AFL, NBA, and the local college teams. As well as Athletes from 15 foreign countries.

Fremont Office
William H. Brown, M.D.
39470 Paseo Padre Pkwy
Fremont, CA 94538
(510) 793-2404
Fax: (510) 793-1320

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