Finding the Best Sports Hernia Doctor for You

top-sports-hernia-doctorSports hernias are easily obscured from touch and sight. As such, they are not the first injury that comes to a doctor’s mind, making getting an accurate diagnosis extremely difficult for many athletes. That being said, when it comes to moving on to the next phase, recovery, many find an even bigger obstacle in the way. Locating a top sports hernia repair surgeon with extensive sports hernia repair experience and high recovery success rates. There are only a handful of doctors in the United States with enough knowledge to help you bounce fully back.

The confusing and complicated nature of sports hernias makes them some of the most difficult injuries to study, diagnose, and treat. Due to the injury’s complexities, sports hernia specialists are very rare, and even more so when taking a more in-depth look. The best physicians for the job usually specialize in sports hernia repair, and have preferred and specific courses of treatment. Experience is vital, as many layers of muscle and tissue are affected and require careful analysis. The more expertise a surgeon has in sports hernia repair, the better the outcome will usually be. The doctor’s skill level is especially crucial as sports hernias can cause lifelong damage and chronic pain if not repaired and cared for correctly post-surgery.

Few surgeons have as much experience in sports hernia repair surgery as Dr. William Brown. He has been helping patients recover from these debilitating injuries for over 15 years. His extensive credentials include working closely as a specialist with the San Jose Sharks hockey team, San Jose SaberCats arena football team, and San Jose Earthquakes soccer organization.

Since 1999, Dr. Brown has been treating patients for sports hernias at his practices throughout the Bay Area in California. He has offices in Fremont, Monterey and Palo Alto. As one of the leading surgeons in the U.S., he regularly sees patients from all over the country, and even overseas patients have traveled to California for a consultation with Dr. Brown.

One of the main problems usually faced by athletes diagnosed with a sports hernia is limited access to treatment. Sports hernia specialists are few and far between due to the confusing nature of the injury. Dr. Brown’s office is happy to assist with any travel complications in order to help connect you with the best care.

While a sports hernia diagnosis may be hard to come by, finding the right care doesn’t have to be. Sports hernia specialists like Dr. Brown with years of experience and a tried-and-true method can provide the highest quality of care to get you back on the road to recovery.