You Did a Wonderful Job!

My family and I are well and I hope you are also doing well considering the COVID 19 pandemic. I just wanted to reach out to you to say thank you for the good job you and your staff did.  I really appreciated the kindness and the personal attention you gave me.
The hernia surgery is perfect. There is an almost invisible line present where the incision was made but I’m the only one looking for it. So, no worries there.  I could not have asked for a better outcome. The recovery time was minimal and virtually painless. There is no pain now and my mobility is as good as it was before my hernia. I can of course feel where the surgery was done if I search for it by touch. But it has never given me any problem and weeks go by before I even think about…

First Hand Experience of Mesh Repair

I know that there has been a great deal of discussion among surgeons as to how to best treat inguinal hernias (with mesh, without mesh, type of mesh, open, laproscopic, etc.). As I have had one hernia repaired with mesh and one hernia repaired without mesh, I thought it would be useful to provide to you a detailed description of my experiences.

What follows below is written for somebody who is not familiar with my medical history. As such, some of what is written will not be new to you. But, some of it will be new.

My experience with mesh

I had surgery on August 20, 2019 to repair a small inguinal hernia on my right side. The procedure was performed laparoscopically under general anesthesia and the hernia was repaired by placing a Progrip self-fixing polyester mesh over the defect. As far as I am aware, the surgery went…

I never imagined I would ever recover

I’m happy to report that I am finally doing much better after 4 months now since the adductor longus tendon surgery. It was a long process with physical therapy from scar tissue and while I can’t say I feel 100% how I felt before the injury, I am definitely feeling more like myself again for the first time in a long time. 
Thank you so much for all your help over this long journey. With the amount of pain I was in before I found you, I never imagined I would ever recover. It was a real eye-opener to me as to how the medical profession has no clue about this injury. Hopefully, you don’t retire in case I ever need you again. Lol  

Thank you for giving me back my active lifestyle

I hope you and your staff are safe and well during these unusual times. I wanted to check in with a quick update and let you know that its been a little over a year since surgery and I’m about 95% injury-free. Over the past 6 months, I’ve been doing stretching, tissue work, and cardio on a daily basis and the area continues to improve, especially after pushing it beyond the previous point and giving it recovery time to then build back up again. 
At this point, I’m almost completely restriction-free and while I can still “feel” the area, I wanted to make sure I communicated how grateful I am to be able to workout, run, jump, skate, and get back to my passion of playing ice hockey goalie. I’m just getting back into games which should be the final hurdle to fully returning to my active lifestyle since the injury 2+ years…

No Pain, No Limitations

“Hope you and your family and staff are doing well in these difficult times. I just wanted to thank you for the amazing job you did with my inguinal hernia surgery repair. It was 2 years ago yesterday and I feel 100%. No pain, no limitations. Of course, as you said, nothing can replace God’s handiwork, but you sure came close! Your staff was incredible as well, and Belinda at the front desk really made everything work, and you were all so very patient with my anxiety and fear. Stay safe up in the Bay Area, I know we all have a challenging road up ahead of us, let us come back from this all a bit smarter, stronger, and kinder.”

You Changed My Live

Dr. Brown, I am 2.5 years late, but I wanted to send you a thank you card. You changed my life with your professional ability and human touch when you successfully fixed my 20 years of pain with the surgery.

William Brown, MD
Hernia Specialist

Dr. Brown has been repairing inguinal hernias for over 30 years, taking care of Athletes with Sports Hernia injuries since 1999.  Dr. Brown has been taking care of patients with complications from mesh for so long that his hair is gray. Luckily he still has some hair.

His patients include players from the San Jose Sharks and the San Jose Earthquakes as well as athletes from the NFL, AFL, NBA, and the local college teams. As well as Athletes from 15 foreign countries.

Fremont Office
William H. Brown, M.D.
39470 Paseo Padre Pkwy
Fremont, CA 94538
(510) 793-2404
Fax: (510) 793-1320

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