I hope you and your staff are safe and well during these unusual times. I wanted to check in with a quick update and let you know that its been a little over a year since surgery and I’m about 95% injury-free. Over the past 6 months, I’ve been doing stretching, tissue work, and cardio on a daily basis and the area continues to improve, especially after pushing it beyond the previous point and giving it recovery time to then build back up again. 
At this point, I’m almost completely restriction-free and while I can still “feel” the area, I wanted to make sure I communicated how grateful I am to be able to workout, run, jump, skate, and get back to my passion of playing ice hockey goalie. I’m just getting back into games which should be the final hurdle to fully returning to my active lifestyle since the injury 2+ years ago.
It’s not an overstatement to say it was a pretty dark time for me the year following the injury when doctors had no idea what the problem was, undergoing what turned out to be an unnecessary hip surgery, and the persistent thought of being crippled for the rest of my life. Finding someone who not only knew exactly what my injury was but who was able to spend 45 mins with me in a consult explaining and showing me the problem first-hand was the first time the thought of being able to return to my active lifestyle occurred. I really appreciate you, the surgery, and the email and phone follow ups over the past year when I was concerned as to whether things would improve and looking for direction on how to proceed.
Thank you again for quite literally giving me back my active lifestyle. I was fortunate to have you as my doctor/surgeon and others will be lucky as well!
Take care,