My family and I are well and I hope you are also doing well considering the COVID 19 pandemic. I just wanted to reach out to you to say thank you for the good job you and your staff did.  I really appreciated the kindness and the personal attention you gave me.
The hernia surgery is perfect. There is an almost invisible line present where the incision was made but I’m the only one looking for it. So, no worries there.  I could not have asked for a better outcome. The recovery time was minimal and virtually painless. There is no pain now and my mobility is as good as it was before my hernia. I can of course feel where the surgery was done if I search for it by touch. But it has never given me any problem and weeks go by before I even think about it. I’m really happy about the outcome and that I did not get a mesh. You did a wonderful job. Thanks!
I think I told you that a friend of mine got his 3rd mesh surgery in November and he has recovered but he is not 100%.  Every time he has had the surgery the site got bigger.  He started with a small hernia years ago.  Then he said it curled and was replaced. After that he was in an auto accident and it dislodged which resulted in him getting a 3rd mesh, which he said, was the size of a sheet of paper.  His experience and your Austin TV interview convinced me to stay away from the mesh.  I’m glad I did.
Before the full outbreak of the pandemic, a manager here in Austin told me that he has a hernia and I recommend you.  I told him what you told me; That a hernia never gets better and the sooner it’s addressed, the better. Hopefully, he will get it done soon. 
Take care, and Thanks again.