Six-Week Rehabilitation Program for a Remarkable Sports Hernia Surgery Recovery (Part 2)

Sports Hernia Rehabilitation - part 2In our last post, we covered your rehabilitation program for weeks one through three. Today, we conclude this article with weeks four through six.

Week 4: Mix in functional rehabilitation activities

  • Do mobility work, both active and passive
  • Do stability work
  • Add hydrotherapy
  • Do cardiovascular exercises
  • Swimming is okay
  • Cycling is okay
  • Initiate a running program, progressing from aerobic to anaerobic over the next 3 weeks
  •  Do submaximal to maximal isometric hip work (isokinetics if available) using bias towards presurgical isokinetic test results as guide
  • Begin active concentric work once 25% or lower deficit between limbs
  • Additional functional rehabilitation activities can include those unique or complementary to your sport. Again, if you’re unsure, check with your doctor or therapist.

Week 5: Re‐educate your muscles

  • Return to active assisted work to re‐educate concentric/eccentric functional pattern
  • Progress your week 4 functional rehabilitation work
  • Begin early sport/occupation‐specific rehabilitation phase (for runners this could involve running forwards, backwards, cutting and sprinting)

Week 6: Return to play and work according to your functional ability

  • Add a concentric and eccentric lower limb muscle workout
  • Continue with manual, Cliniband and isokinetics
  • Do general weights work with abdominal belt and lumbar support
  • Soccer players enter full soccer‐specific rehabilitation

Visit our website for complete instructions, including a downloadable PDF.