Four Things You Should Know About the Shouldice Hernia Repair Technique

Shouldice Repair for Hernias

If you are researching hernia repair techniques, chances are that you’ve come across the Shouldice technique. No wonder since it’s considered an excellent hernia repair method due to it putting minimal tension on the repair, which leads to less post-operative pain and easier recovery, it has a low hernia recurrence rate, it has a low infection rate, and its results are equal to or better than using mesh.

That just scratches the surface of this popular hernia repair method. Here are four more things you should know about the Shouldice hernia repair technique.

1. How it’s performed.
The Shouldice hernia repair involves using a running permanent suture to first plicate and strengthen the inguinal floor. Then a second running suture is used to plicate the oblique muscles, creating a four-layer hernia repair.

2. Who invented it.
Dr. Edward Shouldice, a Canadian surgeon, developed the technique in the 1940s. Dr. Shouldice based his technique on the Bassini method, and improved upon it with better outcomes and a shorter recovery time since less tension is left on the repair. In fact, Dr. Shouldice’s method was performed on men with hernias who wanted to enlist in the military, but couldn’t due to their condition keeping them from military training.

3. Types of hernias that can be repaired with the Shouldice method.
Recurrent hernias, indirect inguinal hernias, and direct inguinal hernias.

4. Weight plays a role.
Even though the Shouldice method has impressive results, the outcomes can be less than satisfactory if a patient is overweight since more pressure is placed on the repaired area. Overweight patients have a higher risk for their hernias to recur, infection and chronic pain. Prior to repair, it might be recommended for overweight patients to lose a few pounds to increase their chances for a successful and long-lasting repair.

Hernias may be a very common condition, but properly and successfully repairing them requires seeing a surgeon who is skilled at all hernia repair techniques. Dr. William Brown has performed hernia repair procedures like the Shouldice method since 1999. He and his staff can answer questions and address concerns you might have about surgical repair options. Contact them for more information.