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Your Guide to Understanding Sports Hernias and the
 Medical Treatment of
 Sports Hernias
by William Brown, MD
Advanced Medical Treatment for Sports Related Hernias

No Mesh Hernia Repair

Pure Tissue Hernia Repair vs Mesh Hernia Repair

If you review the literature, you will find that there are over 20 different ways to fix a hernia. No wonder many surgeons do not know what is going on and it makes almost impossible for the patient to fully understand the options and to make an informed decision.

To simplify the situation try to think of a hernia as simply a hole in the muscles. All the hernia repairs can be then organized into two basic types:

  • The Pure Tissue Repair. The surgeon uses the patient’s own tissues to repair the hole.
  • The Mesh Repair. The surgeon uses a piece of mesh to cover or patch the hole. The mesh can be placed on top of the hole to patch the hole from the outside or the mesh can be placed deep to the hole to patch the hole from the inside.

Most surgeons prefer The Mesh…

Debilitating Pain from Mesh Repair

Pain From Mesh

No mesh hernia repairHere is a photograph of mesh being removed from a woman who had chronic pain after a Lichtenstein hernia repair. The pain was debilitating and she asked Dr. Brown to remove the mesh. At the time of the operation, the ilioinguinal nerve was densely scarred to the mesh. After removal of the mesh she felt 100 percent better. 

You can read more about Mesh or No Mesh Hernia Repair.  Dr. Brown strongly feels that since the risk of chronic pain from the mesh is so much higher than the recurrence rate, that hernias should be repaired without mesh.

Learn more about Dr. Brown’s approach to hernia repair without mesh. Contact Dr. Brown today.

Why was Hernia Mesh Recalled?

Mesh is causing many hernia patients to experience life-altering pain 

The thought of undergoing surgery to get rid of terrible pain and ending up with even worse pain is a nightmare, but that’s exactly what’s happening with thousands of people who have undergone hernia surgery using mesh.

Anyone with a hernia should be warned about mesh repair. If you’ve been diagnosed with either an inguinal hernia or a sports hernia, beware of any medical doctor who uses the mesh technique.

What is the Mesh Technique?

Unfortunately, many surgeons use this method. After making an incision in the area where the hernia is, the surgeon will push the bulging tissue back into the abdomen and cover it with mesh to hold in in place.

It may sound harmless enough, but this mesh is causing many hernia patients to experience life-altering pain and problems.

Lawsuits and Recalls

From 2005 to 2018, more…

Thinking of an Inguinal Hernia Repair Without Mesh?

Which Surgeon Should You See?

A noticeable bulge in your abdominal region. A burning sensation in the area. Pain in the groin when you use those muscles when you cough, strain or lift. Pain that subsides with rest and comes back with activity. These are the most common symptoms of an inguinal hernia, and since it won’t repair itself on its own, you should see a hernia specialist.

Why a specialist for inguinal hernia repair without mesh? Hernia repair is a common surgery, and many surgeons use mesh, which can cause a plethora of other problems. To avoid these problems, research the benefits of non-mesh repair and choose a surgeon who has decades of experience with no mesh hernia repair techniques.

Dr. William Brown, a leading hernia specialist says his patients already know that they have a hernia and want a non mesh repair or they’ve been suffering…

The Problems with Using Mesh for Hernia Repair Surgery

Things you Need to  Know

Your hernia has been diagnosed and now the journey back to your old self can begin. The next step is choosing the right surgeon who is experienced in the type of hernia repair that you prefer. There are two basic methods your surgeon can use to repair your hernia. One of them uses sutures and your own tissues to close the hole. The other involves using mesh to “patch” the hole.

“Patching” a hole in theory is a great idea. However, if you’ve ever been disappointed by how well a patch really works in the long run then you’ll understand why Dr. William Brown uses the suture method to repair his patients’ hernias. Remember the blow-up plastic baby pools that come with a plastic patch should the pool get a hole in it? That patch may stop the air and/or water from leaking in the…

William Brown, MD
Sports Hernia Specialist

Dr. Brown has been performing sports hernia surgeries and providing specialized rehabilitation programs since 1999.

His clients include the San Jose Sharks, San Jose Sabercats and the San Jose Earthquakes sports teams as well as athletes from the NFL, AFL, NBA, NBL and the United States Soccer League. Athletes from all over the United States as well as from 15 foreign countries have sought out Dr. Brown's expertise.

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