Don’t Let the Holidays Ruin Your Sports Hernia Prevention Techniques or Recovery

Sports hernia prevention.  Diet, excercise and restraint.

The holidays are upon us, and along with the season comes music, family and food. The last months of the year are notorious for plates loaded with turkey, ham and stuffing. Did we say pie? When the holidays roll around, things get complicated. Sugary muffins and holiday treats take the place of fruit and oatmeal at breakfast. Potluck work lunches win over salads brought from home. Holiday parties with punches and appetizers can be nearly impossible to avoid. It’s no surprise that even the most diligent among us tend to gain a little bit of weight around the holiday season. What may be surprising is that extra weight also puts your ability to prevent or recover from a sports hernia at risk.

Proper nutrition that comes with eating well brings a whole host of benefits to your body, including increased resistance to injury. Using the right types of food as muscle fuel can not only make you feel more energetic and alert, but defend against or recover from a sports hernia injury. And this advice doesn’t just ring true for athletes. Everyone can benefit from a nutritious, balanced diet.

Good choices are particularly important around the holidays when temptation is everywhere

Choose complex carbohydrates over more simple types. Complex carbs are found in vegetables and whole grains. Other foods, like syrups, artificially sweetened beverages and those with refined sugars contain simple carbohydrates. The body can break these down more easily, so they provide less benefits. Complex carbs are the better choice, as they offer longer-lasting energy as well as more vitamins and nutrients.

Other key elements of a healthy, balanced diet are fats and protein. It may seem smart to stay away from fats, but they actually help balance your metabolism. Good fats, like in avocadoes and olive oil, can also reduce cravings, which could be key when a tray of holiday cookies is within reach. Protein is beneficial as well, and is most commonly found in meat and nuts. Vegetarian options include hummus and whey protein. Both protein and fats are vital to a healthy diet when kept in moderation.

With the holidays approaching, it can be tougher than ever to keep your diet in check. A craving for another slice of pie might just win out over your inner voice of reason. If you find yourself losing motivation, remember that a healthy diet means more than maintaining your weight. A balanced, nutritious diet also helps reduce your risk of injury.