Is Seeking Treatment for Sports Hernias Overseas Overrated?

16292575_sWhen the Wisconsin Badger’s medical team first sidelined their star running back, Cory Clement, thanks to a suspected groin injury prior to the opening game of the season, it was anticipated that the nature of the situation as temporary.

That was before Clement’s less than stellar performance in the season opener against Alabama where he rushed eight times for a mere 16 yards of distance. Worse, that poor performance took a further toll on his body that has left the veteran junior sitting on the bench for the bulk of the season with a sports hernia diagnosis.

With no improvement in his condition over time, which is common with sports hernias, the 21-year-old was scheduled for a procedure with a sports hernia specialist in Germany. Munich-based expert, Dr. Ulrike Muschawek is slated to perform the surgery, but leaves fans and other athletes wondering if seeking treatment for a sports hernia overseas is overrated. After all, with travel and recovery time the running back’s promising 2015 season is over.

The Problem with Seeking Treatment for a Sports Hernia Overseas

Unless a player wants to combine their sports hernia related injury with a tour of Europe, in all likelihood they would rather be on the playing field or least watching the game from the bench. That being said, scheduling a sports hernia surgery across the ocean places them far from their supporters and trainers, and can delay returning to the game they love to play. Clement’s brief season is a stark indication of the problems associated with seeking treatment for a sports hernia injury overseas.

The Advantages of Treatment Options from a Local Sports Hernia Specialist

In comparison to the time and cost associated with overseas travel to diagnose and treat a suspected sports hernia injury, consulting with a local sports hernia specialist is a much better option when it comes to getting your injury treated and placement back on the active playing roster.

To ensure that you don’t sit-out the season, on a long flight, in pain and dealing with foreign medical systems and staff, schedule a consultation with your local sports hernia specialist. Seeking repair and therapy programs in the U.S. means you’ll be closer to home without sacrificing your recovery. One of the most renowned physicians in sports hernia treatment is right here in California.  Dr. William Brown is the go-to specialist for many professional teams in soccer and hockey.