Have Sports Hernia. Will Travel.

plane trip to CASports hernia injuries are notoriously complicated. They’re hard to see, hard to find, and hard to diagnose. Trying to pinpoint a tear in the core muscles is like trying to find the proverbial needle in a haystack. Even the best physicians still have trouble diagnosing sports hernias, to say nothing of determining the right treatment path.

Patients with sports hernias often spend weeks or even months seeking answers. Despite seemingly endless visits to specialists, expensive imaging and extensive research, many athletes find themselves back at square one with pain exacerbated by activity. Few physicians have the specific expertise needed to distinguish a sports hernia from other similar injuries, resulting in an incorrect diagnosis. Often, this can start an athlete on a path to recovery that may do even more harm.

Sports hernias are characterized by chronic pain in the lower abdomen that worsens with activity and doesn’t go away easily. This makes traditional treatment methods like physical therapy or rest mostly ineffective. Instead, the best course of action for an athlete with a sports hernia is to seek out a sports hernia specialist who can accurately diagnose the injury. An experienced specialist will not only be able to confirm a sports hernia, but can help create a treatment plan that will help an athlete get back to the field as quickly as possible.

It’s hard enough to find a doctor with the necessary expertise, let alone in your area. This search for a specialized treatment is what leads many patients to Dr. Brown. Many patients first get access to in-depth information about sports hernia injuries through this website. As a leading sports hernia specialist with years of expertise treating injuries in both amateur and professional athletes, Dr. Brown provides patients just the individualized attention that they need. Athletes come to him looking for expert advice, and many do make the trip to our office in California to receive sports hernia repair surgery.

We understand that sports hernias are incredibly frustrating. They’re debilitating, but common injuries that keep athletes from doing what they love most. It’s difficult to find the care you need, but we’re happy to offer you our expertise and assistance. By providing the highest level of specialized care, we can help guide you to recovery. Dr. William H. Brown and his team can work with you to create an individualized plan to help you get back to your old self again.