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Your Guide to Understanding Sports Hernias and the
 Medical Treatment of
 Sports Hernias
by William Brown, MD
Advanced Medical Treatment for Sports Related Hernias

Your Trip to California

If you decide to come to California, you can fly into any of the local airports: San Francisco (SFO), San Jose (SJC), or Oakland (OAK). Renting a car is probably the easiest. You can also take the train from SFO to the Palo Alto Office or ride BART from OAK to the Fremont Office.

Your consultation and physical examination are performed on Day 1. If the decision is made to proceed with surgery then that is done on Day 2. It is probably best to rest on Day 3 and fly home on Day 4.

My staff will work with your insurance company to obtain authorization for the surgery and pick the surgery center that is covered by your insurance plan. They will determine your out of pocket costs so that there are no financial surprises. My staff can also help picking a reasonable local hotel. A car and driver can be arranged.

Once you get home, I will keep in contact with you to be sure that your recovery is complete.

Learn more about Dr. Brown’s approach to the treatment of sports hernias or contact Dr. Brown for additional information.

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