Taking Arnica to Help Recovery from Inguinal Hernia Surgery

Whether you’re particular about what you put in your body, you’re concerned about taking strong prescription pain killers, or you simply prefer a more natural approach to healing, homeopathic therapy is an effective way to promote healing from hernia repair surgery.  Arnica montana is a key homeopathic medicine in a pre- and postoperative surgery protocol.

Arnica montana is a perennial plant. At its largest, it stands just one to two feet high. It prefers northern and central European hills on mountains and meadows, as well as Siberia. Arnica montana is rare in the U.S.; however, it can be found in sparse patches in the northwest. It blooms in July and August – bright yellow flowers that resemble daisies.

A Little Background

Arnica montana’s use as a medicine dates back to at least the 1500s. But, writings about its healing properties appeared in the 1100s and are attributed to a German nun. Even a half century ago, Arnica montana was used to relieve achy muscles and heal bruises. Today, this homeopathic medicine still treats those ailments, as well as for prepping for and recovering from surgeries like inguinal hernia repair.

Present Day

Because Arnica Montana reduces swelling, relieves bruising, decreases pain and have antibiotic properties, it is one of the most common and popular homeopathic medicines suggested for pre- and post-surgery patients. Athletes also take Arnica to help them recover after strenuous exercise and competition. Since it is homeopathic, there is no risk of a positive drug screen, which is important to competitive athletes.

For inguinal hernia surgery repair patients, Dr. William Brown highly recommends using a homeopathic therapy that includes Arnica. You can view the entire regimen here.

Quality Arnica is Key

Like all homeopathic medicines, the quality of the ingredient is key. Be sure to choose a brand that is manufactured by a company that follows the Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of the United States and the FDA’s drug Good Manufacturing Practices. Read the label list. Arnica products can be labeled as such, yet contain very little of the active chemicals that make it most effective.

Always discuss current medications and expectations with Dr. Brown prior to your surgery.