The “S” Word: Sports Hernia Surgery

friendly-doctorIn the medical world, there’s a word that patients often don’t like to hear. It starts with an S – surgery. When most athletes hear a doctor suggest a procedure, it’s anything but a relief. The very idea of surgery is often a scary one, associated with pain, lasting consequences and long recovery. But for athletes diagnosed with a sports hernia injury, usually their reaction is just the opposite. Why?

Sports hernia injuries are complex, deep tissue tears. They can be hard to treat, and even harder to diagnose. Common treatments include rest and physical therapy. But with the expertise of specialists like Dr. Brown, there is another option.

Sports hernia repair surgery is becoming more and more common, and for good reason. It’s fast, safe, effective, and can cut down on recovery time. Often, physical therapy and rest can help affected athletes overcome the symptoms of a sports hernia, but not the underlying cause. The tear in the muscle is the root of the problem, and without repairing that tissue, the injury cannot heal effectively.

Even with extensive physical therapy, pain can persist. In fact, the most common symptom of a sports hernia is a chronic, aching pain. While it may subside with rest, sports hernia pain comes back with a bite once an athlete returns to a normal routine. This is why surgery, a more direct approach, if often the most effective treatment. Repairing the tear gets right to the root of the problem and allows the athlete to start recovering as quickly as possible.

An experienced sports hernia specialist like Dr. William Brown is very familiar with the procedure, and can help an athlete decide whether surgery is the best option. It is often combined with physical therapy and rest, packing a triple punch. While treatment does depend on the severity of the injury, it’s important to be open to all options to find the best path toward recovery.

So after you’ve received a sports hernia diagnosis and hear the word “surgery,” don’t shudder. Under the care of a specialist like Dr. Brown, surgery may be the perfect approach to repairing your injury.