Adductor Longus Injury

Do You Have an Adductor Longus Tendon Injury?

Treating an Adductor Longus Tendon Injury

If you ask a friend for advice about an adductor longus tendon injury, you’ll probably be told to “put some ice on it.” Ask a specialist, but that ice will not be enough. An injury to the adductor longus tendon is similar to a sports hernia, as it is also not very well known and requires expert care.

A sports hernia involves sheer stress across the pelvis with sports that involve acceleration and cutting. During these activities the adductors contract to move the thigh, but the abdominal muscles contract at the same time to support the pelvis. This results in a tug of war between the adductors and the abdominal muscles with the pelvic bone in the middle.  Usually one of the abdominal muscles tear first, but occasionally one of the adductors is injured.  Because of its position, the adductor longus is usually the…

William Brown, MD
Hernia Specialist

Dr. Brown has been repairing inguinal hernias for over 30 years, taking care of Athletes with Sports Hernia injuries since 1999.  Dr. Brown has been taking care of patients with complications from mesh for so long that his hair is gray. Luckily he still has some hair.

His patients include players from the San Jose Sharks and the San Jose Earthquakes as well as athletes from the NFL, AFL, NBA, and the local college teams. As well as Athletes from 15 foreign countries.

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