Signs You Have a Sports Hernia – Part Two

The Classic Signs and Symptoms of a Sports Hernia

If you missed Part One on this Topic, you can read it here. 

chronic-pain-sports-herniaAnother sports hernia sign is a tender feeling with palpitation of the pubic tubercle, a structure within the groin area. Several of the ligaments attach at this point making the pubic tubercle susceptible to injury.  If the pain does note resolve with rest, sometimes sports hernia surgery is required.

Pain with particular movements or exercises can help pinpoint the injury. One such movement is a resisted hip adduction, in which the leg is extended and brought back to the center of the body while pulling against a resisting force. This can help to isolate pain to the groin area. Another exercise is a resisted sit-up test, where extra tension is added across the chest to make the exercise more difficult. The resisted sit-up is especially efficient at locating pain within the abdominal muscles and the core. These movements can be extremely useful in locating the source of pain and narrowing down possible diagnoses.

Sports hernias have a tough reputation for a reason, and it can be a long road to receiving the right diagnosis and beginning treatment. Fortunately, there are a few warning signs for which to look out. If you are experiencing these symptoms, it’s crucial to speak with an experienced sports hernia specialist like Dr. Brown to determine the next steps. Even if you only recognize a few similarities between the warning signs and your own symptoms, a specialist can help you determine if a sports hernia is the culprit. The sooner you reach a diagnosis and begin treatment, the sooner you can get back to the activities you love.

William Brown, MD
Hernia Specialist

Dr. Brown has been repairing inguinal hernias for over 30 years, taking care of Athletes with Sports Hernia injuries since 1999.  Dr. Brown has been taking care of patients with complications from mesh for so long that his hair is gray. Luckily he still has some hair.

His patients include players from the San Jose Sharks and the San Jose Earthquakes as well as athletes from the NFL, AFL, NBA, and the local college teams. As well as Athletes from 15 foreign countries.

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