What You Need to Know About the Desarda Technique

Overusing the muscles, a chronic cough, an accident that rips the muscle, etc. can tear the lower abdominal muscles resulting in a direct inguinal hernias. Whatever the reason, the muscles are damaged. Since the surgeon is now dealing with damaged tissues it is important the surgeon is familiar with multiple techniques so best method can be chosen to fix the problem.

Having performed hernia repair surgeries and developed specialized recovery programs since 1999, Dr. William Brown is known across the U.S. and many other countries for his expertise. Weekend warriors, professional athletes from the NFL, AFL, NBA, NBL and the United States Soccer League, as well as non-athletes seek Dr. Brown’s opinion due to his knowledge of all repair techniques and choose his non-mesh approach to surgical hernia repair.

There are five major hernia repair techniques, and many more when you take modified versions into account. Also, these techniques can be modified or combined to achieve the best result for the patient. The Desarda technique is one of the five, and it is an excellent choice to repair direct inguinal hernias, as are the Bassini and the Shouldice techniques.

How Does Desdarda Repair Work?

The Desarda hernia repair uses the external oblique aponeurosis as a patch to reinforce and repair the inguinal floor. (In this regard, the Desdarda technique is similar to a mesh hernia repair, but your own tissue is used instead of “mesh.”) The remaining sections of the external oblique aponeurosis are closed over the spermatic cord and to finish up the repair. Minimal tension on the repaired area means a more comfortable recovery. Even better? The results are excellent with a low number of patients reporting a recurrence.

For the Desarda technique to be most effective, you must have a strong external oblique aponeurosis that can be used as a patch. Therefore, it might not work for you if the external oblique aponeurosis is torn or weak.

Whichever surgeon you choose to repair your inguinal hernia, he or she should know all of the repair techniques. With more skill and expertise, he or she will often find that a hybrid repair technique that includes the best ideas from each method to achieve your best result.

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