Lower Abdominal Pain may be an Inguinal Hernia

Does coughing, lifting objects, sneezing, or doing other ordinary things that affect the lower abdominal region causes pain? Can you feel a bulge in the lower stomach region? After resting those muscles, does the pain come back? If you answer, “Yes,” you might have an inguinal hernia. A hernia is a hole in your muscles.

The hole can open up for several reasons, including sudden twists, turns or moves (such as when playing sports), chronic coughing, constipation or straining bowels, and straining to urinate. For these reasons, anyone whether athletic or not, can be diagnosed with an inguinal hernia.

Inguinal hernias will not heal in time, and surgery is the best treatment option. And, the quality of the surgical repair has everything to do with the experience of your surgeon. Recently, Dr. William Brown saw a young patient and recommended non-mesh repair. The first doctor had suggested mesh, and luckily, the patient’s mother asked Dr. Brown for a second opinion. Dr. Brown spoke to the first doctor at the mother’s request. The first doctor agreed with a non-mesh repair, but was uncomfortable offering it since he’d not learned the procedure during his surgical training.

It is important to choose a surgeon who is skilled at many non-mesh hernia repair techniques. The Marcy hernia repair is one of them and designed for indirect hernias. It involves separating the hernia sac from the spermatic cord. The hernia sac is tied off or the sac is inverted into the retroperitoneal space. A few sutures tighten the internal ring. The last step is to repair the external oblique aponeurosis. With no tension on the repair, sutures are less likely to stretch or rip. Post-operative pain is minimal, and patients enjoy a quick recovery. The results are excellent with the Marcy technique or a modified version of it.

To achieve the best result, get a consultation with an experienced hernia repair surgeon. Whether it’s the Marcy technique or a hybrid, your doctor can suggest the best method for your case. Learn more about Dr. Brown’s approach to hernia repair without mesh. Contact Dr. Brown today.