Compression Shorts for Post Surgery CompressionCompression or pressure on the operative site after surgery is very helpful by providing support, decreasing swelling, and helping with hemostasis.

  1. After surgery, the muscles requires time to fully heal. During this time external pressure will help support and protect the repair. The pressure will also make it easier to move around.
  2. After any operation there is swelling of the tissues. This swelling can be at the incision but may also involve the scrotum and penis or the vulva. External pressure will force the lymphatic fluid back into the vascular system where it is reabsorbed.
  3. Bleeding after surgery is a potential complication. The blood can collect under the skin to form a pocket of blood or it can spread into the tissues (bruise). Pressure at the operative site decreases the chance for any hemorrhage.

If you have compression shorts, bring those with you. Pick compression shorts that not only apply pressure to the inguinal area but also apply pressure to the scrotum and vulva. If you do not have compression shorts then an abdominal binder will be given to you at the surgery center. Unfortunately, abdominal binders do not provide much compression to the scrotum or vulva and thus are not as helpful as compression shorts. Try to keep the compression on for about three days.