Being celebrity in my own Professional field, I had a chance to work and live in many countries across the world!

I have highest expectation of quality and not easy person to be pleased.

Well … Dr Brown even over exceeded my quality expectations! Dr. Brown is extremely detailed, precise, and methodically accurate the way he’s planning and performing surgery.

Recovery process was so fast and so easy that after one week after surgery I already was on my way to Hawaii with my lovely wife for Vacation and even trained a few dogs while I was there 🙂

If you are determined like me do not insert any foreign implant like mesh put into your body with all possible side affects you need to see Dr Brown.

Dr Brown is one of kind Amazing doctor who will get it done and get it done well.
You will be amazed like me to receive a doctor call every morning after surgery to ask check on my recovery.

You will be able even to text Dr Brown your questions or concerns.

I truly never ever in my life experienced that type of the customer service from the doctor or his office.

His office manager Belinda is amazing as well!

Thank you Dr. Brown

Vladae Roytapel.
The Russian Dog Wizard
As Featured on Late Show , David Letterman, CNN, FOX, NBC, ABC, NPR And others numerous TV and radio stations across America