b-rusch-successOn 12-28-12 I visited Dr. Brown for what I termed a quadruple sports hernia and five surgeries. To treat my injury Dr. Brown performed surgery to my oblique muscles (R&L) and the adductor muscles (R&L). The adductor muscles are much stronger than the oblique muscles, so in this tug-of-war the oblique muscles tore, but the adductor tendons were injured. As a result Dr. Brown performed a “release of the adductors” with re-implantation of the muscle into the adductor brevis. The adductor tenotomy was done at the same time as repair of the oblique muscles. Dr.

Brown also performed an ilioinguinal nerve neurectomy on the right side.

See www.sportshernia.com for details as this was found during surgery. The neurectomy resulted in numbness on the inside & outside of the right thigh. I was advised this numbness may be permanent, but mine was gone in a week. Finally, because of the contraction of the oblique muscles and the adductor muscles I developed shear stress across the symphysis pubis which led to osteitis pubis. Dr. Brown performed the release of the adductor longus tendon to decreases the shear forces and gave me a steroid shot.

After three months the pain and numbness were gone. Dr. Brown gave me back my athletic life, but I also want to thank my post-surgery physical therapist, Ryan Monagle www.personallyfitonline.com and Dan Selstad www.danselstad.com, a Credentialed ART Provider. Active Release Therapy (ART) is a patented, state-of-the-art system that treats problems with muscles, tendons, ligaments, fascia, and nerves.

Bob Rusch