Doctors and Patients Benefit from Sports Hernia Second Opinions

sports-hernia-second-opinionA patient goes to his or her physician’s office seeking expert advice and best courses of treatment. In an ideal world, doctors would know how to make the right diagnosis 100% of the time, and patients would be able to get the perfect advice and treatment every time. Unfortunately, this is not the case. A physician cannot specialize in every discipline of medicine. Nor should they since that would be ineffective at best.

The reason physicians choose a specialty is so that he or she can provide the best care possible for the athlete.  And doctors do not hesitate to refer an athlete to another specialist if the athlete needs an evaluation outside their experience.

In the case of a sports hernia, the injury is fairly uncommon, and diagnosing a sports hernia injury is often difficult. Treatment regimens may include physical therapy, injections, and surgery.  Thus it requires experience to determine the best method of treatment.

A sports hernia involves a tear with  of the oblique muscles and/or the adductor tendons.  Sometimes there is also an injury to the symphysis pubis.  But unlike a classical hernia there is no protrusion. Due to this, it can be difficult to diagnose, as most surgeons search for a bulge. As a result, coming to a correct diagnosis of a sports hernia injury is notoriously difficult, and treatment is delayed.

Dr. William Brown has extensively dealt with sports hernia diagnosis and recovery, including working with several major sports franchises. Specializing in such a specific area allows him to focus on developing new strategies to prevent and care for sports hernia injuries as well as improve older techniques. A leader in the fields of both research and treatment, Dr. Brown is known for his expert level of care for those affected by a sports hernia. His office is accustomed to working with new patients from all over the world, and they are ready to work with referrals from any type of practice.

 Sports hernias don’t have to be a source of confusion. Referring a patient to Dr. Brown can ensure that you can provide them with the highest level of care while knowing that they are in experienced and capable hands, finally receiving the treatment that they deserve.