Coming to California for Sports Hernia Repair Surgery?
Make a vacation out of it.

california-sports-hernia-surgeonThere’s just no way around the fact that sports hernias are painful injuries that can be difficult to diagnose. It can be as difficult finding a qualified sports hernia surgeon. One of the best in the country is located in the Bay Area in California. Fremont, to be exact. There are definitely worse places to have to travel than the beautiful San Francisco area, where Dr. Brown’s facilities are located. You’ll need to step out into at least a little sunlight (or maybe fog) to get from the airport to his office. But why stop there?

When you fly in for surgery, don’t think of it as work, although recovering from your sports hernia injury will definitely take a lot of work. All work and no play can lead to a very dull trip. After all, isn’t playing what you do best? Whether it’s hockey or ballet, sprinting or golfing, people play sports because they are enjoyable. So, there’s no reason that your first step on the road to recovery shouldn’t be enjoyable too.

The entire sports hernia repair surgery process takes about three days, including the consultation and physical exam on the first day, the operation the second day, and resting on the third day. The majority of the time, you’re cleared to fly home on the fourth day. But sometimes it’s just as easy (and sometimes cheaper) to come in a few days ahead of your appointment and extend your trip to a week. This extra time will allow you to explore the renowned attractions that the San Francisco area is known for.

While you’re staying in the Bay Area, you’re vacation options are only limited by your injury and mobility. There is a mix, from many traditional landmarks to more eclectic activities. Of course, for sports fans, catching a San Francisco Giants or Oakland A’s baseball game might be a no-brainer, although it can be a bit of a hike, especially if you have to climb stairs to get to your seats.

There are plenty of less strenuous options as well. The San Francisco Symphony is world-renowned and offers concerts year-round for the musically inclined. If you find yourself with limited time, the Cable Car Museum is interesting, informative, and free, although it does contain a few flights of stairs.

For the adventurous, the Bay Area is a playground. For instance, it’s easy to hop in a cab and go to Pier 39, a waterfront district including restaurants, shopping, and a fantastic view of the Golden Gate Bridge. Take a guided boat tour that will give you a view of the area from the Bay. There is Alcatraz, but it does require quite a bit of walking on hills.

Of course, in addition to all of the fun activities available, there are also a few necessities that you will need to know to make your trip easier.  There are three local airports; San Jose (SJC), Oakland (OAK) airports or San Francisco  (SFO).  All airports are about the same distance from the office.  Choose the airport that has the best connections and cost.  Have questions about your accommodations and transportation options? Dr. Brown’s staff is happy to assist you in choosing a reasonable local hotel and arranging for a driver or rental vehicle. And even finding something fun to do while you’re here.