How Long is Too Long to Wait to See a Sports Hernia Specialist?

time-to-see-hernia-specialistSports hernias are both specific and considered by many physicians to be uncommon, often causing patients much confusion and frustration. An athlete (or non-athlete) may have seen multiple doctors before getting the correct diagnosis, and even then the next course of action can be unclear if not seen by an APS specialist. However, it doesn’t have to be so confusing.

Sports hernia specialists provide guidance, treatment options, and a road map to recovery for their patients. With years of experience, specialists like Dr. Brown have been down this path before and know the right steps to take. Sports hernia specialists have focused their practice on this debilitating injury, so they know exactly how to get you back to your sport and your life.

But just how important is it to see a specialist? There are surely other options, and it’s easy to put off what seems like a minor injury. Unfortunately the longer that you wait, the more aggravated and painful a sports hernia is likely to become. It’s vital to your recovery that you see a sports hernia specialist within a week or two after you have received your diagnosis. It can be difficult to arrange transportation and insurance, however, the sooner you can start treatment the sooner you can recover.

If a sports hernia is left untreated for too long, it can cause chronic, debilitating pain. This may eventually stop you from participating in day-to-day activities, let alone return to the sport that you were playing before. The injury may initially seem to get better on its own with rest, and rest is usually the first step of treatment. Eventually, though, the pain generally returns, sometimes stronger and more prevalent than before or even at the time of injury. This creates a cycle of pain and rest that can negatively affect a patient’s quality of life.

While it’s never a good idea to wait to see a sports hernia specialist, no time is too late. Once you receive an accurate diagnosis, make an appointment with an inguinal disruption specialist. The experience and knowledge provided by a specialist offer specialized treatment that, when started in a timely manner, can get you back to your passion sooner than later.