The groin injury that is called a “Sports Hernia” by many physicians is a real problem for athletes. But unfortunately, very few surgeons (especially in the US) understand the problem. This leads to many athletes receiving inadequate evaluations and treatments. I have cared for many athletes who have suffered with a “Sports Hernia” for years and have seen many “Specialists” before they finally had the right diagnostic tests performed and the injury adequately treated. In reviewing the information available on the Internet, it was obvious that much of the information out there was wrong. There was no one place where an athlete or physician could find the information they needed and information that they could rely on.

My goal in developing “SportsHernia.Com” was to provide a place where athletes and physicians could find the current information they needed to make the right decisions. “SportsHernia.Com” discusses the problem in a concise and organized way.

I start with the symptoms that a athlete with a sports hernia suffers. Next I discuss how the diagnosis is confirmed and what tests are required to help make that diagnosis. Finally the surgical options are presented included detailed description and pictures of the operation.

I have also included a bibliography with links to the many of the important journal articles dealing with sports hernias.

Caring for athletes is one of the highlights of my career. Athletes put their heart into their sports and as a physician there are few events more satisfying than helping athletes through whatever setbacks they suffer.