Dear Dr. Brown,

It has now been 4 solid weeks since my hernia repair and I wanted to take this opportunity to thank both you and the surgical center as well, for the professional, kind, considerate, and attentive care that I received from your facilities.

Though the healing process is not yet complete, I feel as though my hernia repair is quite strong even now, and I am definitely relieved that I will not have to endure any possible complications of having had a mesh procedure in place of the one that you have performed.  I also am glad that I opted to travel from Hawaii in order to consult with you as the practical inconveniences of doing so were outweighed by the end result, in my opinion.

I will be recommending you to others in my situation, and strongly suggest that they consider consulting with you before embarking upon a final decision as to how their hernias will be repaired.

Thank you.