There are No “Stupid Questions”

sports hernia questionsSports hernias are some of the most common injuries suffered by athletes, but some of the least understood by physicians. In all sports, injury prevention is key, and avoiding sports hernias is no exception. But how can athletes work toward preventing sports hernias while knowing so little about the injury itself?

Sports hernia injuries are complicated. They’re painful, they’re difficult to describe, and they don’t go away, no matter how much you ice that area. Recovery is often a long, frustrating path. Even the first step, finding a doctor with the right expertise to diagnose a sports hernia, can be more difficult than expected. But the first step is the most important, as it’s the right doctor who can get you back to your prime.  

Ask questions and gather accurate information. An experienced sports hernia specialist like Dr. Brown is a terrific source. Years of treating sports hernias give him a wealth of knowledge on where his patients are coming from and what they’ve experienced. Dr. Brown and his team are here to ease your frustrations and ensure you have the answers you need to make an informed decision about your health.

Whether you’ve just injured yourself or you’ve been dealing with a suspected sports hernia for years, now is always a great time to reach out for help. Don’t give up on the promise of recovery – look for the next step in your recovery. An experienced specialist will be able to offer expert advice and guide you on that path. Dr. Brown strives to offer individualized attention and personally works with each athlete to ensure peace of mind.