Maybe You Should Trust a Sports Hernia Specialist, Too

sports-hernia-specialist-doctorIs that persistent headache a sign of stress, or a sign of serious illness? Perhaps a concussion? Or Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever? If you have a symptom, you can bet that there’s a corresponding diagnosis somewhere on the Web.

With all of the online resources available to us today, it can be tempting to run to the Internet at the first sign of injury. However, it’s crucial that we trust our health to medical professionals that have experience, not to a Web diagnosis. The Internet is full of accurate and helpful guidance, but nothing compares to a real diagnosis. After all, an injury affects your health and even your future. It’s far too important to leave to chance or possible misinformation.

This is especially critical when it comes to sports hernias. These complicated injuries occur when there is a muscle that tears in the groin area, usually one of your core abdominal muscles. The complexity of the muscular system that connects your trunk to your groin makes treating and recovering from injuries in this area difficult. It’s important to seek out a sports hernia specialist in order to ensure the correct diagnosis and treatment path.

Professional and high-level athletes rely on sports hernia specialists for top-notch care and expert advice. The most popular physicians are well respected in the sports community, and they have years of experience helping both professional and amateur athletes recover from sports hernia injuries. It’s common for a specialist to have both their own practice and to be on the staff of a professional team. Team owners have a serious investment in their players, so they hire the best medical experts to help keep these athletes healthy and recover from injuries as quickly and wholly as possible.

When looking for a good sports hernia specialist, look for the same qualities that any athlete would: experience, approach, and accessibility. The best sports hernia specialists have expansive knowledge and are experienced in treating these specific injuries. The old saying that “practice makes perfect” really does apply in this case, as experienced physicians are more likely to have a tried-and-true treatment plan and better results.

Seasoned sports hernia surgeons are also more reliable when it comes to their approach with repair. Although the surgical method that uses mesh to support the abdominal wall is becoming more popular, several studies have linked this approach to poor recovery prospects and even re-injury. Research and ask questions about the method that your specialist uses. Finally, a great specialist will be willing to work with you over time on your path to recovery, and have a system in place to make it easy to communicate.

Dr. William Brown has been treating sports hernia patients in both the amateur and professional circles, and he guides patients of all ages and fitness levels back to recovery. Based on a traditional surgery method with the highest success rate, Dr. Brown has developed his own treatment and recovery plan based on his years of treating patients with several San Jose area sports teams as well as athletes in the NFL, NBA, and abroad. His years of experience combine with a strong support structure to provide the highest level of care for those suffering from sports hernia injuries.