In April 2017 I began experiencing lower abdominal pain and testicular pain which became progressively worse over the following months. I live in the New York city area and sought help from various highly regarded doctors, orthopedists, urologists and physical therapists but none were been able to diagnose or resolve my issues. As a fairly competitive athlete (long-distance runner) and highly active person (rock climbing and mountaineering) this was extremely frustrating and disappointing for me. In conducting my own research online of my symptoms, I kept on coming back to Dr. Brown’s wonderfully informative and comprehensive website. The description of a sports hernia fit precisely with my condition. I contacted Dr. Brown in November 2017 to seek his thoughts and I was immediately impressed with his responsiveness, thoughtfulness, knowledge and willingness to give me advice. In December 2017 I finally decided to make travel to California to see Dr. Brown for a consultation. It was the best decision I made – after many months of going from one doctor or another in New York, Dr. Brown identified bilateral sports hernias within the first 15 minutes of examining me. He spent over an hour with me during my visit, carefully examining me, reviewing my test reports, showing me exactly where the tears were, explaining surgical options fully and patiently answering all of my questions (in marked contrast with other doctors who seemed more concerned with “processing” me and pushing me out of the door to schedule a follow-up with them).

I elected to travel back to California in February 2018 to have surgery to repair the abdominal tears. Dr. Brown was absolutely marvelous. From thoroughly explaining the procedure to ensuring I was properly prepared to advising in detail on post-op and recovery guidance (even including a list of specific homeopathic supplements to promote healing), his caring manner and proficient expertise instilled me with a tremendous comfort and confidence. Following the surgery, Dr. Brown called me without fail every day for two weeks (including on weekends) to check on my recovery. When I asked how long we should continue having update calls his answer was “until you are back to 100%”. Over three months later, Dr. Brown is still checking in on me and offering suggestions on any questions or qualms I have had.

My surgery was a success and I am rapidly rebuilding my core strength and flexibility. I am truly delighted to have found Dr. Brown and had the benefit of his world-class expertise. He displayed an outstanding level of attentiveness, caring and dedication coupled with consummate professionalism and prowess. I would highly recommend Dr. Brown without hesitation.