When it’s Time to See a Hernia Specialist

sports hernia or muscle strain?

If you’re an athlete with a persistent pain in your lower abdomen, groin, thigh, or for men, testicles, don’t automatically think it’s just a muscle strain or some other injury. Especially if the pain flares up again when you are playing.

You may be suffering from a Sports Hernia.

Do you feel it particularly when you cough, sneeze or lift something heavy? Is the pain only on one side? Does the pain prevent you from playing your best or playing at all? If so, these are classic symptoms of a Sports Hernia.

A Sports Hernia is an entirely different issue than a regular hernia. Sports Hernias are caused by the repetitive twisting, turning, and quick movements that many sports require—and they occur when a tendon, a muscle, or a ligament in the lower abdomen or groin tears.

Even athletes in great shape can develop a Sports Hernia. The constant movements that come with basketball, tennis, wrestling, football, hockey and soccer can result in overuse and tearing, which can result in a Sports Hernia.

If you think you may have this condition be sure to seek out a Sports Hernia specialist, like Dr. William Brown.  Your primary doctor may not be familiar with this type of injury and may miss diagnose your injury as a muscle strain. The sooner that the correct diagnosis is made, the sooner you can return to sports.

Since 1999, Dr. William Brown has been helping athletes heal from Sports Hernias through surgery and specialized rehabilitation programs. He has been the surgeon for the San Jose Sabercats, the San Jose Sharks, and the San Jose Earthquakes, as well as athletes from the NFL, AFL, NBA, NBL and the United States Soccer League. Dr. Brown has even had patients seek him out from fifteen foreign countries in order to help them heal. As a specialist in this field, Dr. Brown will accurately diagnose the problem, treat it, and help guide athletes to the recovery process and back into performance condition.