Note from Dr. Brown:  Though this patient did not have a sports hernia, it does explain one reason I do not use mesh.

Dear Dr. Brown:

I had suffered well over 3 years when I met Dr. Brown. A routine 1cm umbilical hernia repair, with mesh, left me unable to sit and barely able to walk. I had been off work for over 2 years. More mesh (inguinal) was implanted about one year before I met Dr. Brown. I was on opiates, sedatives, and muscle relaxers, yet my pain was still never less than a “5.” I was bedridden 16-20 hours/day.

Dr. Brown was the first doctor to tell me the mesh could be the source of my pain.

When Dr. Brown took the mesh out it was as hard as a brick. This was a delicate surgery, but Dr. Brown successfully removed all the mesh.

It has now been 3 years since Dr. Brown operated on me. My recovery is ongoing, but I can now walk very well again – about 200 miles/month! I’m off ALL pills! I can sleep again, and now I’m OUT of bed 16 hours/day.

My journey with pain started mere days after an umbilical hernia – over 6 years ago.

My recovery, thank God, began the day I met Dr. Brown.

Thank you Dr. Brown!