Understanding Bilateral Sports Hernias

woman-volley-ball-player-sports-herniaIn a world of complex medical terminology and an alphabet soup of diagnoses, it can be difficult to understand exactly what your injury means without your own medical degree. For sports hernias, this holds true as well.

A sports hernia injury affects one of the most complex areas in your body: the connection between your trunk and pelvis. The injury can occur when a core muscle is torn, causing pain and restricting a person’s physical ability if left untreated. Sports hernias often result from sharp, sudden twisting actions, and the most common culprits are activities like hockey, volleyball and even running.

One of the most serious types of sports hernias is a bilateral sports hernia. In this case, the injury has happened on not one, but both sides of the groin area. Although they result from the same types of movements that cause simple sports hernias, bilateral sports hernias have the potential to cause even more pain and restricted mobility.

I you have bilateral sports hernias the best approach is to repair both sides with one procedure. Treating both areas at once lessens recovery time and ensures balance. Bilateral sports hernias may seem complicated and painful, but this approach can mean you’re back out on the field and back to your old self.

If you’ve suffered from a sports hernia, all the understanding in the world isn’t going to ease the pain. It’s important to get a proper diagnosis and start the path to recovery. Especially for more complicated hernia injuries, the importance of seeing an experienced specialist cannot be understated. Physicians with more practice dealing with sports hernia injuries will be better equipped to handle complex cases, making your treatment go more smoothly.

Dr. Brown has numerous years of experience treating and helping athletes recover from sports hernias, and his office provides the highest level of care for patients just getting back on their feet. His specialized expertise is a solid background for treating bilateral inguinal hernias, and his high level of care ensures that your recovery has a much greater chance of going quicker and smoother than you imagined.