Just Follow Your Local Professional Sports Team

How to find best sports hernia specialistSports hernias are referred to as such because they tend to afflict athletes ranging from hockey players to ballet dancers. Though sports hernias are common sports injuries, they are still rather difficult to diagnose and it’s even harder to find a physician specializing in their surgical repair.

Choosing the wrong physician can result in a longer recovery period or in the worse case, additional injury. What is the best way to go about finding an expert in sports hernia repair? Follow your local professional sports team.

With careers, seasons and hefty contracts on the line, professional sports teams aren’t about to leave their athletes’ care to just anyone. Teams put a lot of effort into building their rosters and equal effort into keeping their players at their peaks. It’s similar to finding the perfect auto mechanic or accountant. You seek out those with similar cars or financial situations and ask who they trust.  So, just how do you find the best sports hernia specialist?

Dr. William Brown is the go-to sports hernia specialist of choice for the San Jose Sharks hockey team, the San Jose Sabercats professional arena football team and the original San Jose Earthquakes soccer team.

Well over a decade ago, Dr. Art Ting, orthopedic surgeon for many Bay Area professional sports teams, consulted with Dr. Brown regarding a hockey player with the Sharks who was experiencing debilitating groin pain that wasn’t responding to traditional approaches. After much study and evaluation, Dr. Brown concluded the player suffered a sports hernia. He was able to repair the sports hernia and the player returned to the ice.

That was the beginning of Dr. Brown’s interest in treating sports hernias and has led him to become one of the nation’s preeminent sports hernia specialists. Today, patients from around the country come to Dr. Brown for surgery. For many, it’s the first time they’ve been correctly diagnosed, which allows the patients to finally get their lives back whether they’re pro athlete or a weekend warrior.