Renowned Sports Hernia Specialist, Dr. William Brown, Expects Affordable Care Act to Benefit Athletes Suffering from Inguinal Disruptions

Dr. William Brown, one of the country’s leading inguinal disruption experts, expects the Affordable Care Act to benefit athletes suffering from sports hernias by covering surgical repair, though what insurers will pay toward surgery remains to be determined.

FREMONT, CA. April 29, 2014 — Many professional and non-professional athletes suffer debilitating groin pain due to a sports hernia. These inguinal disruptions are often misdiagnosed and mistreated since they do not present with typical hernia symptoms, mainly a bulge in the muscle. Even for those athletes with comprehensive healthcare coverage, misdiagnosis and the medical community’s lack of knowledge in sports hernia repair makes receiving treatment difficult.

The Affordable Care Act promises better value, better health and better choices for millions of Americans. Over seven million people signed up through the Health Insurance Marketplace during the open enrollment period. Another three million gained coverage under their parents’ insurance plans or became eligible for Medicaid coverage. The Act prohibits insurers from discriminating based on a pre-existing condition, or charging women more because of their gender.

The Act offers healthcare options to athletes that they may not have had before. Olympians, for example, must invest a majority of their time training, limiting their work schedules and therefore their income. Given the choice between paying living expenses and training, something must give. And that’s usually health insurance.

With sports hernia diagnosis difficult and often requiring several visits to four or five physicians before it is accurately identified, surgery and eventual recovery is delayed for the uninsured or under insured if they cannot afford the out-of-pocket expenses associated with multiple doctors and specialists visits.

“A large number of elite athletes seriously train for their sport. Yet training hours limit their workweek and earning potential without professional contracts or sponsorships for support. Sports hernias are fairly common in athletics, especially hockey, soccer, running and dance. The Affordable Care Act could provide the coverage these athletes need, if injured, to undergo sports hernia surgery. What also remains to be seen is just how much insurers will reimburse for sports hernia repair surgery,” explains Dr. Brown.

While healthcare is not a concern for professional athletes afforded comprehensive coverage through their team or funded in part by corporate sponsorships, it can be a formidable barrier for elite athletes without those means. For athletes who are uninsured or under-insured, the Affordable Care Act could offer new hope.

About Dr. William Brown

Dr. William Brown is considered one of the country’s foremost experts in sports hernia repair. Dr. Brown has been performing sports hernia surgeries and providing specialized rehabilitation programs since 1999. His clients include the San Jose Sharks, San Jose Sabercats, the San Jose Earthquakes sports teams, as well as clients from around the world. Dr. Brown has offices located in Fremont, Monterey and Palo Alto, California. To learn more about his approach to repairing sports hernia, please visit