Do the sutures dissolve?

The deep sutures are usually permanent. The sutures used to close the skin are buried underneath the skin and dissolve within a few weeks. They do not need to be removed. These suture are not visible.

Do I have to be asleep for the operation?

There are two excellent options by which the operation can be performed:

One is local anesthesia with sedation, during which time the anesthesiologist uses intravenous medication to calm the patient. Then local anesthetic is injected into the operative site. The local anesthetic does burn initially, but it becomes effective within several seconds and then the operation can be proceed. The advantage of local anesthesia with sedation is that the patient feels no nausea or other side effects. After surgery the patient can leave the surgery center almost immediately. The local anesthetic blocks any pain for about eight hours.

Two is general anesthesia. General anesthesia involves going to sleep. The anesthesiologist gives medicine through the IV and then a tube is put in the airway to support breathing during the operation. Local anesthetic is still injected into the operative site to control postoperative pain. General anesthesia is best for…