What is mesh and do you use it?

Mesh is a synthetic material that looks like very fine fishing net. It can add strength to the groin after surgery. But the mesh can also cause significant problems. The most common problem is pain. The pain is the result of a nerve becoming adhered to the mesh or the result of the mesh become stiff from fibrosis. Thus, unless absolutely required, I do not advise the use of mesh.

What does the round ligament do?

In women the round ligament travels through the operative field. The round ligament supports the uterus. It can be left in place or divided. If it is divided then it should be sewn to the abdominal wall so that the uterus does not lose this important suspensory ligament

Thinking of having a vasectomy?

The vas deferens travels through the operative field and can be easily divided during groin reconstruction. It does not increase the postoperative pain, and does not increase significantly the operative time. If you are considering a vasectomy, this is a good time to have it done.