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Your Guide to Understanding Sports Hernias and the
 Medical Treatment of
 Sports Hernias
by William Brown, MD
Advanced Medical Treatment for Sports Related Hernias

I Finally Found The Best Surgeon

I have undergone inguinal hernia surgery – NO MESH! –  with Dr. William Brown in  Fremont, California on October. I had been looking for the best hernia surgeon – NO MESH ! –  on the planet for almost 2 years. Finally I found him in the person of Dr. William Brown III, M.D. which is second to none, nobody comes even close!!!

I was consulted by doctors from all over the world from Vienna- AKH, Austria (Professor Michael Gnant and Dr. Franz Felberbaue) and USA (NY Langone Professor Steven Hofstetter), Stonybrook Shouldice specialist, Samer Sbaiy. I had contacted No Mesh specialists from Shouldice hospital from Canada, Dr. Mohan Desarda from India, Dr. Kevin Petersen from Las Vegas and Dr. Kang from Seoul, South Korea. I had heard horrific stories about disasters created by meshes. J. N. declared to me that: “I do not want even my enemies to go through the pains that I endured because of this mesh. It destroyed my life”. Finally my journey as a globe trotter to find the best hernia surgeon on the planet finished because I found Dr. William Brown.

After consulting with so many doctors I developed some good knowledge to smell the real value from the non value. Like Muhhamad Ali in boxing, Dr. William Brown is the absolute champion on the surface of the Earth in what regards NO MESH hernias. He is the greatest!!!

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  • I’m 72 y/o and play ice hockey 3 times a week and 3-4 rounds of golf as well. 5 years ago I developed a Sports Hernia while playing hockey. After doing much research I found Dr Brown. Living in FL at the time, I was a little hesitant to fly all the way to the West Coast, but decided Dr Brown was my best option. I flew in on a Tue night and Dr Brown fixed me up Wed AM, and had me back on my way early Fri AM. He had a ride waiting for me at the airport and had me shuttled around the entire time. After a little rehab, I was back on the ice playing in 8 weeks. 5 years later I’m still playing hockey and golfing all I want.
    Thank you Dr Brown!!

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William Brown, MD
Hernia Specialist

Dr. Brown has been repairing inguinal hernias for over 30 years, taking care of Athletes with Sports Hernia injuries since 1999.  Dr. Brown has been taking care of patients with complications from mesh for so long that his hair is gray. Luckily he still has some hair.

His patients include players from the San Jose Sharks and the San Jose Earthquakes as well as athletes from the NFL, AFL, NBA, and the local college teams. As well as Athletes from 15 foreign countries.

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