Will I be 100% after surgery?

About 90% of athletes are able to return to their original sport with minimal or no pain.

About 5% of patients are significantly better but still have a moderate amount of pain with sports.

A few patients still have pain that limits their ability to play sports.  This can be a difficult problem.  But I will continue to work with you until we have a satisfactory solution.

I wish I could give you guarantees but I cannot.

How do I find a local surgeon?

Your best chance to find a local surgeon familiar with the treatment of a sports hernia is to contact your local professional soccer or hockey team and ask them who they use.  Other experts in the field are Dr. William Meyers in Philadelphia,  Mr. Simon Marsh at the Gilmore clinic in London, and Dr. Ulrike Muschaweck in Munich.

Can a groin injury recur?

Athletes by their nature want to continue to participate in sports.  And thus athletes are prone to injure themselves.  The strength of my repair will not be better than what God gave you originally.  The chance that you will develop a recurrent injury at the same site that requires surgery is about 4%.