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Sports Hernia Rehabilitation – Six Weeks to Recovery

Six-Week Rehabilitation Program for a Remarkable Sports Hernia Surgery Recovery (Part 1)

rehab_sm_1Having diagnosed and surgically repaired sports hernias for patients from around the country, as well as hockey players for the San Jose Sharks, no one understands your urge to get back to life as usual like my staff and I do. However, surgically repairing an inguinal disruption (sports hernia) is in fact a surgery, and recovery needs to

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Sports Hernia Surgery Recovery Time Frame

Stupid Things People Do to Risk Their Sports Hernia Surgery Recovery

sports hernia surgery recovery time frameThe pain of a sports hernia injury can be debilitating and require extensive physical therapy, rest, and in some cases, surgery. If you’ve had surgery for a sports hernia, you are probably wondering what can you do to ensure that you don’t jeopardize your recovery.  It’s a common question:  what is the sports hernia surgery recovery time frame?


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Female Sports Hernia

Sports Hernia Symptoms in Women

female sports herniaAnother doctor’s office. Another specialist referral. And another explanation for your torso and groin pain. Yet with all of the visits and appointments, the pain still hurts, unexplained and present. There is one possible explanation for groin pain in women that you and your doctor may be missing: a sports hernia.

Female sports hernias are painful soft tissue injuries to the lower torso and groin

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Sports Hernia Surgery Recovery

Sports Hernia Surgery Recovery: What to Expect Post Surgery

You’ve just had surgery to repair a sports hernia. The pain has sidelined you long enough and you’re more than ready to get back to life as usual, whether that’s running, dancing, playing hockey, tennis, professionally or as an amateur. But what’s even more important than getting off the sidelines, so to speak, is making certain you don’t compromise your sports

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Dancer’s Can Get Sports Hernias

The Dancer’s Guide to Sports Hernias

Ballerina sports herniaOn the surface, one could not find two athletic polar opposites than ice hockey players and dancers. Looking closer however, they share several commonalities in the way they move and strain their torso and groin areas. These movements can cause inguinal disruptions (sports hernias), which is why both hockey players and dancers are prone to this debilitating injury.  Indeed, dancers can get sports hernias

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Mesh Repair for Sports Hernia No Longer Preferred

Mesh Repair for Sports Hernia Continues to Lose Favor Amongst the Medical Community

dartmouth-shieldDr. Josef E. Fischer, Harvard Medical School professor, recently published an article in The American Journal of Surgery arguing against the use of mesh in sport hernia repair surgery. “Hernia repair: why do we continue to perform mesh repair in the face of the human toll of inguinodynia?” includes a summary of his personal experience and concludes

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Inguinal Disruption Replaces Terminology for Sports Hernia


The British Hernia Society’s Manchester Consensus Conference Results in New Terminology for Sports Hernia

A consensus conference held by the British Hernia Society concludes that a sports hernia should be called inguinal disruption since no true hernia exists, and recommends taking a multidisciplinary approach to a disruption’s repair and management.

FREMONT, CA. January 23, 2014 —The British Hernia Society invited sports hernia diagnosis and management experts to

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Inguinal Disruption – The New Sports Hernia

Inguinal Disruption – The British Hernia Society Officially Renames the Sports Hernia

Inguinal Disruption - the new Sports HerniaThe Sports Hernia injury has been given many names over the years. None of these names are very accurate. A “Sports Hernia” is not a true hernia but a tear or strain. “Gilmore’s Groin” refers to one of the original doctors that described the injury. “Athletic Pubalgia” mainly refers to the boney component of the injury. Thus a

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How to Find the Best Sports Hernia Specialist

Just Follow Your Local Professional Sports Team

How to find best sports hernia specialistSports hernias are referred to as such because they tend to afflict athletes ranging from hockey players to ballet dancers. Though sports hernias are common sports injuries, they are still rather difficult to diagnose and it’s even harder to find a physician specializing in their surgical repair.

Choosing the wrong physician can result in a longer recovery period or in the worse case,

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Repair of my Oblique and Abductor

Ken recently finished a Marathon several months after surgery.  He was kind enough to send me this note and pictures:

Your artistic repair of my oblique and abductor held up really well. I didn’t even notice it. I ran (limped) my slowest time ever due to a badly pulled calf muscle, but I finished.

Thanks for the great job you did.

Ken Mobert