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Long-term Sports Hernia Sufferers Finding Answers on the Web

sports-hernia-questionsIf you’ve ever suffered from one, then you of all people know exactly how tough a sports hernia diagnosis is to come by. After all, many doctors are unfamiliar with diagnosing the injury and often do not what to look for in the History and Physical Examination. Instead, rest and therapy are prescribed, which alleviates pain initially, but not completely.


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Correctly Diagnosing a Sports Hernia Injury

Doctors and Patients Benefit from Sports Hernia Second Opinions

sports-hernia-second-opinionA patient goes to his or her physician’s office seeking expert advice and best courses of treatment. In an ideal world, doctors would know how to make the right diagnosis 100% of the time, and patients would be able to get the perfect advice and treatment every time. Unfortunately, this is not the case. A physician cannot specialize in every discipline

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Sports Hernia Surgical Injury Repair Video Released


Dr. William Brown, California-Based Sports Hernia Surgeon, Releases Educational Video on Surgical Injury Repair

Dr. Brown discusses the complicated nature of sports hernias and the importance of consulting a surgeon experienced in surgically repairing this type of athletic injury in his latest educational video posted on YouTube.

FREMONT, CA March 11, 2015. — Dr. William Brown, renowned sports hernia (also called inguinal disruption) specialist, has released a

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My Surgery Was Such a Success

Dr. William Brown,

I had surgery on December 27, 2013.  You repaired my bilateral sports hernias and bilateral adductor tears.  I am a marathon and ultra marathon runner and I was worried about having surgery and the final outcome after surgery.  I Want to give you and your staff a huge thank you.  Everyone was very professional, patient and caring. 

My surgery was such a success and I am running

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Sports Hernia Video

Dr. William H. Brown, a sports hernia specialist, explains the complexities of the sports hernia and his approach to this often misunderstood and misdiagnosed injury in this new video:

Special thanks to Andy Bork for directing and producing the above video.  Please visit his website to learn more about his services.  I highly recommend him.

Visit for additional information or call the office at (510) 793-2404.

When to See a Sports Hernia Doctor

How Long is Too Long to Wait to See a Sports Hernia Specialist?

time-to-see-hernia-specialistSports hernias are both specific and considered by many physicians to be uncommon, often causing patients much confusion and frustration. An athlete (or non-athlete) may have seen multiple doctors before getting the correct diagnosis, and even then the next course of action can be unclear if not seen by an APS specialist. However, it doesn’t have

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More Common Misconceptions about Sports Hernias

Myth Busting Part 2: Addressing Common Misconceptions About Sports Hernias


It is difficult enough to find a physician familiar with sports hernias, and thus get an accurate diagnosis. The myths surrounding sports hernias (also known as athletic pubalgia syndrome (APS) and inguinal disruption) only add frustration to an already frustration time in life for athletes who are with the injury.

In part 1, we addressed several myths regarding names,

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Common Misconceptions About Sports Hernias

Myth Busting Part 1: Addressing Common Misconceptions About Sports Hernias

fact-vs-myth-sports-herniaAthletic pubalgia syndrome (APS) іs аlsо knоwn аs а sports hernia or inguinal disruption. Whіlе thе terms аrе usеd interchangeably, sports hernia is the most common name. Sports hernias are a result of weakening in the lower abdominal wall. Now that you know the correct terminology, let’s address a few common misconceptions surrounding sports hernias.

1. Sports hernias and inguinal

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Because You Changed My Life

Dear Dr. Brown,

Thank you so much for everything you’ve done for me. ll-sportshernia-recovery-smI wanted to take a minute to write a letter about my experience, because you changed my life.

I was a marathon runner getting close to qualifying for Boston, my dream.  However, after running an ultra marathon last year, I had developed a strange injury in the groin/pelvis.  After a few months of not running, the injury

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Heartfelt Thanks for the Successful Surgery

Dear Dr. Brown,

I wanted to express my heartfelt thanks for the successful surgery you performed on me this past February. Thanks to your skill, I was able to return to competition by July with my ultimate Frisbee team and to take part in a memorable season that included a bronze medal at the World Championships and gold at the National Championships in October.

Thank you for making time to

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