Your Guide to Sports
Hernias and the Medical
Treatment of Sports
Hernias by
William Brown, MD

Deep Groin Disruption

What is a Deep Groin Disruption and How is it Treated?

Many atheletes suffer from sports hernias.A broken leg is just a leg that has been broken. A bruised rib: just a bruised rib. But with a sports hernia, it’s never that simple. A sports hernia is a deep tissue injury to the muscles in the groin area. Along with the initial tear, it can cause problems with the surrounding area and its ligaments and

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Professional Athletes Undergoing Sports Hernia Repair Surgery


Increasing Number of Professional Athletes Undergoing Sports Hernia Repair Surgery

Renowned sports hernia surgeon, Dr. William Brown, reports a 40% increase this year in professional athletes undergoing surgery to repair inguinal disruptions.

FREMONT, CA, October 23, 2014 — Sports hernia repair specialist, Dr. William Brown, performed 112 sports hernia repair surgeries on professional athletes during the first six months of 2014. This number represents a 40 percent

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Sports Hernia Video Exceeds 21,000 YouTube Views

Open Repair of Sports Hernia Garners Increased Views

Sports Hernia Video on Y ouTubeSports hernias are one of the most commonly misdiagnosed injuries that athletes today suffer, and the road to recovery can be longer than necessary. Those with groin pain are now turning to the Internet as a source of information. In an effort to clear up the confusion and provide accurate, detailed information, Dr. Brown published an informational sports hernia video on YouTube.

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Photos of Sports Hernia Surgery

A Sports Hernia Repair Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

A sports hernia injury is a debilitating, painful injury. It occurs when the oblique muscles of the core are torn, usually through a twisting or lifting motion during activities like hockey and dance. A sports hernia differs from a regular hernia because there is no hole made through the inguinal wall, therefore it doesn’t produce a visible bulge. Unfortunately, this

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California Sports Hernia Repair Surgeon

Coming to California for Sports Hernia Repair Surgery?
Make a vacation out of it.

california-sports-hernia-surgeonThere’s just no way around the fact that sports hernias are painful injuries that can be difficult to diagnose. It can be as difficult finding a qualified sports hernia surgeon. One of the best in the country is located in the Bay Area in California. Fremont, to be exact. There are definitely worse places to have

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Sports Hernia Surgery For Minors

Is Sports Hernia Surgery the Right Choice For Minors?

sports-hernia-surgery-for-minorsInjuries are often the last thing on a child or teenager’s mind, so when something serious does occur, it can be hard for them and parents to handle. Sports hernia injuries, in particular, are actually more common than one might think in children and young adults. A sports hernia can result from a combination of weak muscles and a triggering

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Sports Hernia Doctor in California

How to Prepare and Make the Most Out of Your Sports Hernia Appointment with Dr. Brown

sports-hernia-doctor-in-californiaAfter weeks or months of frustration and misdirection, you’re finally making headway. You’ve scheduled an appointment with the renowned sports hernia doctor in California, Dr. William Brown. How should you prepare for the appointment? How can you help it go more smoothly? How can you get the most out of your time

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Warning Signs of a Sports Hernia

Six Warning Signs of a Sports Hernia You Don’t Want to Ignore

warning-signs-sports-herniaSports hernias (inguinal disruptions) are notoriously difficult to spot and usually aren’t diagnosed at all without seeing a specialist. They cause unspecific, chronic pain in the entire midsection of the body. They are internal injuries and usually cannot be detected outwardly. Adding all this up, it’s easy to understand why sports hernias are so difficult to identify. In

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Excellent Results Following Inguinal Ligament Tenotomies


Renowned Sports Hernia Surgeon, Dr. William Brown, Reporting Excellent Results Following Inguinal Ligament Tenotomies

A new surgical technique, combining inguinal ligament tenotomy with oblique muscle repair, is proving effective for athletes experiencing chronic groin pain.

FREMONT, CA, August 6, 2014 — Sports hernia repair specialist, Dr. William Brown, has investigated and is now performing inguinal ligament tenotomies on patients who have chronic groin pain and are candidates

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Can a Sports Hernia Get Worse if Left Untreated?

young-man-sports-hernia-questionAfter an injury, the first priority is to get it healed and get back on the court, the field, the ice, the dance floor – you get the picture. But with sports hernia injuries, recovery isn’t always so simple. Sometimes without an outwardly apparent injury, it can be tempting to rush through a rest period and return to activity, all without proper treatment. That might work for some sports injuries,

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