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Hernias and the Medical
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Hernias by
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At Risk For a Sports Hernia?

What Increases My Risk For a Sports Hernia?

Many atheletes are prone for sports herniasAthletes have heard about certain injuries for years. They are familiar with the common sprained ankle, occasional broken wrist, and sometimes serious hit on the head and subsequent concussion. However, less often mentioned or known is the sports hernia injury, also known as an inguinal disruption. A sports hernia is a soft tissue injury to the abdominal wall that results

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Sports Hernia Treatment Without Surgery?

Choosing Sports Hernia Surgery vs. Physical Therapy

sports-hernia-optionsAfter being diagnosed with a sports hernia, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and even confused by the treatment options available to you. Rehabilitation of sports hernia injuries typically includes one or both of two options: sports hernia repair surgery and a targeted physical therapy routine. Both choices have their advantages, but ultimately using a combination of surgery and physical therapy accelerate recovery

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Sports Hernia Symptoms When Running

The Runner’s Guide to Sports Hernias

sports-hernia-runningYou’re running and you start to feel a dull, achy pain in your abdominal area. Maybe pulling or stretching feeling in your groin? You may be suffering from a sports hernia. A fairly uncommon injury in runners, a sports hernia is a soft tissue injury to your groin and lower abdominal area caused by sudden, sharp, twisting movements.

Sports hernias are characterized by

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Sports Hernia Surgeon

Five Considerations to Keep in Mind When Choosing a Sports Hernia Surgeon

choosing-sports-hernia-surgeon-5Once you have been diagnosed with a sports hernia, the next step is surgical repair. Since inguinal disruptions are a very specific, hard-to-diagnose injury, it’s important to select a sports hernia surgeon who specializes in sports hernia repair. If surgery may be in your future, here are some common mistakes to avoid and things to consider when choosing

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Diagnosing a Sports Hernia

Why Are Sports Hernias (Inguinal Disruptions) So Darn Difficult to Diagnose?

Diagnosing a sports hernia can be difficult.If you have severe groin pain, you’ve probably heard all of the possibilities by now… it is a sprain, a ligament tear or hyper-extension. One you might not have heard yet? Inguinal disruption. Otherwise known as a sports hernia. They are far more common than athletes and many doctors think, and they are difficult to diagnosis much to the

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Affordable Care Act to Expected to Benefit Athletes Suffering from Inguinal Disruptions


Renowned Sports Hernia Specialist, Dr. William Brown, Expects Affordable Care Act to Benefit Athletes Suffering from Inguinal Disruptions

Dr. William Brown, one of the country’s leading inguinal disruption experts, expects the Affordable Care Act to benefit athletes suffering from sports hernias by covering surgical repair, though what insurers will pay toward surgery remains to be determined.

FREMONT, CA. April 29, 2014 — Many professional and non-professional athletes

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Sports Hernia Rehabilitation – Six Weeks to Recovery

Six-Week Rehabilitation Program for a Remarkable Sports Hernia Surgery Recovery (Part 2)

Sports Hernia Rehabilitation - part 2In our last post, we covered your rehabilitation program for weeks one through three. Today, we conclude this article with weeks four through six.

Week 4: Mix in functional rehabilitation activities

  • Do mobility work, both active and passive
  • Do stability work
  • Add hydrotherapy
  • Do cardiovascular exercises
  • Swimming is okay
  • Cycling is okay
  • Initiate a running program, progressing
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Sports Hernia Rehabilitation – Six Weeks to Recovery

Six-Week Rehabilitation Program for a Remarkable Sports Hernia Surgery Recovery (Part 1)

rehab_sm_1Having diagnosed and surgically repaired sports hernias for patients from around the country, as well as hockey players for the San Jose Sharks, no one understands your urge to get back to life as usual like my staff and I do. However, surgically repairing an inguinal disruption (sports hernia) is in fact a surgery, and recovery needs to

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Sports Hernia Surgery Recovery Time Frame

Stupid Things People Do to Risk Their Sports Hernia Surgery Recovery

sports hernia surgery recovery time frameThe pain of a sports hernia injury can be debilitating and require extensive physical therapy, rest, and in some cases, surgery. If you’ve had surgery for a sports hernia, you are probably wondering what can you do to ensure that you don’t jeopardize your recovery.  It’s a common question:  what is the sports hernia surgery recovery time frame?


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Female Sports Hernia

Sports Hernia Symptoms in Women

female sports herniaAnother doctor’s office. Another specialist referral. And another explanation for your torso and groin pain. Yet with all of the visits and appointments, the pain still hurts, unexplained and present. There is one possible explanation for groin pain in women that you and your doctor may be missing: a sports hernia.

Female sports hernias are painful soft tissue injuries to the lower torso and groin

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