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Your Guide to Understanding Sports Hernias and the
 Medical Treatment of
 Sports Hernias
by William Brown, MD
Advanced Medical Treatment for Sports Related Hernias

Considering Mesh Repair for a Sports Hernia?

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While getting a correct sports hernia diagnosis can be difficult, sports hernia repair surgery is more straightforward. There are two types of procedures: traditional open surgery and mesh repair. Using mesh to repair sports hernias is a newer approach that claims to give an advantage over traditional repair methods. Claims is the operative word there.

Before settling on one solution, it’s critical to speak with your sports hernia specialist. Rest and physical therapy, the most common treatments, are not complicated. Sometimes though, surgery is needed to fully repair the muscle tear. Surgery can effectively treat a sports hernia, but it’s important to choose the right approach of the two available.

Mesh repair surgery has grown in popularity in recent years, but popularity doesn’t always translate to results. Surgical mesh is medical-grade material designed for surgical use. While mesh can increase the strength of…

Homeopathic Therapy

Effective Homeopathic Therapy for Recovering from Sports Hernia Surgery

It is common for athletes to be particular about what they put into their bodies. Many of my patients prefer to avoid narcotics to control pain and promote healing post sports hernia surgery. Recovery without prescription medications is possible using a homeopathic approach, which does not compromise an athlete’s dedication to an all-natural or organic diet.

After surgery, most surgeons prescribe strong pain medication such as Vicodin or Percocet. These narcotics help to reduce pain, but come with significant side effects. Patients commonly report a “brain fog” or feelings of confusion. Some even experience serious hallucinations. More often, nausea and obstipation (severe constipation) can be side effects of strong painkillers.

In addition to their side effects, these medicines only help to cover up the pain, not treat its underlying causes. To treat the source of pain, homeopathic treatments can be more…

Back to 100%

Hey Dr. Brown,

I am back in Iraq and I am back to 100%. Thanks for helping me.


Has a Real Passion for Your Work

Hi Dr. Brown,

Thank you so much for helping my husband. We couldn’t be happier with the results of the surgery.   You are one great doctor that has a real passion for your work and that I feel that you are the top of the line. 

It is rare to find such doctors in this world today.  And, yes, you may print that on your website as well 🙂


Need a New Resolution Already?

How About Lowering Your Risk for Sports Hernia Injuries?

Resolutions often focus on being healthier, both physically and emotionally. Get fit. Eat better. Spend more time with family. Drink more water. New Year’s resolutions always seem to follow the same pattern. Change your habits, and you will change your life.

But when we flip the calendar to February, those vague goals are replaced by former bad habits and dealing with everyday life. So this year, consider making a different type of resolution, one that is short and simple, but will have a significant impact on your life. This year, resolve to reduce your risk of a sports hernia injury. Not an athlete? That doesn’t matter.

Anyone can sustain a sports hernia, from professional athletes to Netflix bingers. A sports hernia is one common injury that spans all ages and activities. One occurs when the groin muscles tear. Muscles can tear…

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