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Hernias by
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There are three nerves that provide sensation to the skin in the region of the pubic hair, scrotum or mons pubis, and the medial thigh. These nerves are the ilioinguinal nerve, the iliohypogastric nerve, and the genital nerve. Some athletes with a sports hernia will have symptoms related to one of these nerves. The commonly involved nerve is the ilioinguinal nerve. The athlete will report that there is an electrical or burning pain that radiates down the medial thigh or towards the scrotum or onto mons pubis. The diagnosis can be confirmed by direct pressure or tapping on the ilioinguinal nerve (Tinel sign). In addition, the athlete will have significant relief with an ilioinguinal nerve block. The nerve can sometimes be imaged with ultrasound or MRI. At the time of surgery, the nerve is examined. If there are adhesions around the nerve then these are lysed. If there has been a significant injury to the nerve, then a neurectomy should be performed. After a neurectomy, there is numbness of the skin. Most of the numbness resolves with time. A neurectomy does not affect sex.

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7 Responses to “Neurectomy”

  • Javier Trevino:

    Dr.Brown does your surgery include Deep muscle repair besides the oblique muscle. I feel like my groin disruption is in the deepest part of my groin,it feels like my muscles and tendons have been detached from thier original position. Thank you

    • William Brown, MD:

      The repair of a Sports Hernia involves the repair of all the damaged muscles. This usually involves the repair of the oblique muscles, the traversalis muscle, and the conjoined tendon. During the operation the other structures such as the spermatic cord and nerves are evaluated and treated as necessary.

  • This sports Hernia is very dangerous and if we didn’t take any precaution to that and didn’t take any medicine,it will grow to a critical stage.I know many persons who didn’t care about that and they take it to a critical stage and had an major surgery also.So i think it better to take care in early stage of the growth.

  • Javier Trevino:

    Hello Dr. Brown I also have a Question about my possible sports hernia.I Think the muscles at my Pubic bone are detacted from it. do you also repair muscles that are detacted from the pubic bone? I’m thinking about having my injury fixed on, But im not sure who to go to.

    Thank You

    • William Brown, MD:

      Dear Athlete
      The muscles can repaired, but I need more details. Send me information about your injury. Include recent imaging tests, history of you injury, pictures of yourself with a mark on the skin that identifies the site of the pain.
      Bill Brown MD

  • LeRoy Leal:

    I have a Torn rectus muscle form the pubic bone or pubic tubercle. Can you help me Dr. Brown?

    • William Brown, MD:

      I do repair the rectus abdominis muscle if it is torn. The tear can often be seen on the MRI. There is a lot of good information about sportshernias and pictures on this website. You can also contact our office for additional information.