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MRI Imaging

The best single test to evaluate for athletic pubalgia is an MRI with the athletic pubalgia protocol. If your doctor is unfamiliar with the protocol, below is a link to an article discussing how to do the MRI and how to interpret the images. On page 9 the MRI settings are listed.

You may print the article and give to your radiologist:


2 Responses to “MRI Imaging”

  • LeRoy Leal:

    I have a Torn rectus muscle form the pubic bone or pubic tubercle. Can you help me Dr. Brown?

    • William Brown, MD:

      Dear LeRoy
      I need more information. Send me a copy of the reports from all recent imaging tests (MRI, CT, Xray). Send me a copy of the notes from the doctors that you have seen. Give me a more detailed history of your injury. Take a picture of yourself with a mark on the skin that identifies the site(s) of your pain. I will review the information and then if you give me your contact information I will call you.
      Bill Brown MD